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Life Sciences DNA Mixing Tee

454 Life Sciences DNA Mixing Tee
When They Said It Could Not Be Done

After years of effort and lost development costs, companies can sometimes be told by their plastic molder that their design specifications are impossible to produce. Mold Threads not only devises solutions that elude other molders, MTI can also save money. 454 Life Sciences is a high-end producer of DNA sequencing equipment that wanted to improve upon a linear emulsifier to produce more accurate and repeatable results. They sought out Mold Threads to achieve what was thought "the unachievable" for a very small, complex component part.

  • The .58" x .43" polypropylene piece - less than the size of a dime and weighing .2 grams - was a critical component of the Mixing Tee. Oil needed to flow continuously through the tubing while DNA was injected into the stream to form microscopic droplets for strand separation.
  • The former molder was unable to reduce the flow channel from .013" to .010"; any error would cause the core pin to break. Mold Threads precisely guided the mold's steel core pin to produce the required smooth channel.
  • In addition, molding an injector orifice .004" in diameter - an opening the width of a human hair - with a luer lock detail required precision workmanship.
  • Quality control was essential to have cross-sections meet smoothly, with no flash or burrs that could disturb the flow of aqueous material and alter the droplet size.
  • Mold Threads consistently met all tolerances on the first round on a fully automatic run of the part.
  • The refined technology was a breakthrough for the medical technology company and was profiled in studies on DNA sequencing.

Medical Plastic Components


Healy Systems, Inc. Valve Components
Solving Complex Mold Problems and Saving Money


Healy Injection Mold for Hose Breakaway System

Healy is the leading manufacturer in vapor recovery gasoline dispensing systems. They are the only supplier certified by the California Air Resources Board for Enhanced Vapor Recovery systems (EVR), which are now required on each gas dispenser in the state.

After consulting with six plastic injection molders about a challenging project, Healy selected Mold Threads to produce a highly complex two-piece part for a hose breakaway system. The plastic piece is a major portion of the two valves located in the breakaway.

  • Mold Threads made recommendations for re-engineering the part when Healy wanted to switch from machine-finished parts to finished molded parts due to production problems.
  • MTI also advised a change in resin material for a more stable process. Mold Threads' team suggested a resin that generally would not lend itself to precision molding, but that Mold Threads had the experience to handle.
  • Initial samples off the new mold were dimensionally accurate and produced on schedule. Healy was impressed by MTI's ability to produce parts with imperceptible parting lines - no witness marks or mismatch.
  • After hundreds of thousands of shots from the hardened steel mold, MTI's quality control measures assured every part met specifications.
  • Mold Threads solved Healy's component part problem, helped get them back on track fulfilling customers' orders, and reduced the part cost by 30%.

Twist & snap Cartridge system

PetroPlug Cartridge System

Solidification Products International, Inc.
Mounting Collar and Flange

Efficiently Meeting Rising Product Demand

Solidification Products International specializes in oil spill containment and facility maintenance products for the utility industry. SPI prides itself on setting an industry standard of cost-effective,100% reliable control products.

SPI needed to find a more efficient way to meet rising demand for their products. Given the environmentally sensitive nature of their business, the company needed total assurance on the precision accuracy of all their parts. Mold Threads worked closely with SPI in developing a more cost-effective process to manufacture the flange and collar that are mounted inside SPI's plastic containment pipes.

  • MTI switched the process to a fully automated program that reduced both cost and time in using former fabricated PVC plastic with machining and assembly.
  • Working with SPI's concepts, MTI's lead engineer designed aluminum molds with interchangeable components to keep costs down.
  • MTI found an alternative and superior rigid PVC that could stand up to the strenuous tests conducted by utilities prior to product acceptance.
  • In addition, MTI was able to produce a unique identifying custom color to instill brand recognition; prior models had only been available in black. By taking further advantage of the resins' unique properties, SPI was able to offer color-matching private label parts to its customers.
  • The PetroPlug cartridge system, one of the primary containment products, was converted to molded PVC, incorporating a twist and snap assembly system to replace the use of machine screws.
  • As SPI's volume has grown, MTI has continued to transition machined component parts to molded parts with similar outstanding success.

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