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Design - The Meeting of Plastics Technology and Skill

Customers have come to depend upon Mold Threads to save time and money on component part development. With Mold Threads, you get the best combination of highly sophisticated manufacturing equipment and exceptional know-how. Our design technology and machinery are up to the most current standards. Our experience and knowledge are unrivaled.

   We are experts with Mastercam - the largest selling PC-based CAD/CAM program. Project files can be directly transferred via email to Mold Threads' Mastercam CAD program. By taking customer's computer data via direct transfer, lead times are significantly reduced. To learn more about transferring your program files, contact our Sales Manager, Bruce Argetsigner by clicking here.


Specialized Design Services: Troubleshooting
and Re-engineering

MTI is frequently called upon to develop effective solutions that are beyond the scope of other injection molders. Our reputation for problem solving is based on years of troubleshooting design issues, and re-engineering designs that fail to meet function and tolerance criteria. We never compromise the integrity of a design. Our Applications Section provides examples of MTI's ability to succeed with the most challenging plastic component part designs.

Tooling - Creating Plastic Injection Molds with Precision Engineering
MTI Precision Tooling
Mold Threads is uniquely qualified to produce molds in a variety of metals. Our tooling team,  overseen by moldmakers with over 30 years experience each, will guide you in selecting the right tool material for your project - whether fully hardened tool steel, prehardened steel or aircraft quality aluminum. MTI's versatility and depth of knowledge assures you that the molding material selected is best suited for your injection mold's complexity and run volume.
   Our combination of CNC milling and EDM machines produce precision-engineered molds. Through MTI's creative application of tooling techniques, you are assured that your plastic injection mold will result in crisp parting lines and no mismatch. Mold Threads specializes in achieving the highest degree of accuracy - within .0001 inch tolerance - in component part detailing and openings, and, like our name states, threads. All work is meticulously checked to guarantee complete performance to your specifications. Our sampling and measuring systems not only meet industry standards, but our own exacting requirements.

Complex-Engineered Molds and Mold Transfers

Re-engineering an Injection Mold

With our tooling experience and skill, Mold Threads can produce the most complex molds; molds with design engineering requirements that our competitors are often unable to fulfill due to complexity, parting line concerns, tight cavities, or part removal. We will even transfer existing molds, and re-engineer when necessary, to meet changes in application, tolerances or molding resin.

   By keeping all tooling processes in-house, Mold Threads can carefully control the quality of each mold and the resulting plastic molded parts. It is because of our consistent excellence in mold making that our customers, as well as trade industry media, agree that Mold Threads is "The Smart Part Company."

MTI Injection Mold and Plastic Part

Plastic Molding - Size and Material Expertise

At Mold Threads, all molding is done on-site on machines ranging in size from 20 ton / 1-1/2 oz to 500 ton / 68 oz. We have both the capability and the knowledge to produce the most complex injected molded plastic parts in runs from a few hundred pieces to half a million.

   Mold Threads' extensive experience with thermoplastic resins extends from PE to PEEK. Our professionals are experts in a wide range of resins from polyolifin resins to "exotic" PEEK materials as well as all other engineering resins in between. Whether the part requires a fraction of a gram or 2 kilograms, thermoplastic elastomer or rigid PVC, Mold Threads can precision mold your component plastic parts.

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