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Complex plastic components

Specialties: Capabilities You Won't Find Elsewhere
At Mold Threads, our biggest asset is our knowledge.

Process Specialties

  Externally Threaded Molded Component

Consulting: MTI consults on plastic molded part design problems that are beyond the capabilities of most moldmakers. We take the time up-front to carefully examine all critical injection mold design aspects. Because of our depth of engineering experience, we can determine how to make a better part, how to do it more economically, and how to verify tolerances so that parts fit seamlessly together. We can also help with product development and design of prototypes. With our troubleshooting expertise, there is no wasted time or effort in development; we end up saving our customers money.

Re-engineering: Clients often come to us after years of unsuccessful attempts to produce complicated parts. MTI can re-engineer tools that fail to perform to accuracy and function standards. Having worked with some of the most demanding technical companies, we meet the challenge of zero rejection rate required for precision molded plastic component parts.

Mold Transfer: Mold Threads can also accept transfers of existing molds, and re-engineer them, to meet modifications in application, tolerances or injection mold resin. Our size gives us the flexibility to respond to component part changes and to catch design problems.

Resin Application: Our unique processes extend to the specialized application of engineering resins. We are experienced with hard-to-handle resins, including elastomers, rigid PVC, and high-end PEEK materials which require knowledge, skill, and attention to detail during molding. We can even help you in the selection of resins that can color identify or match your brand for easy identification. And we live by our standards for minimum waste.

Case Studies

Our Case Studies page provides some examples of how Mold Threads' unique knowledge and skills have solved our customers most complex plastic component problems.

Product Specialties

Enclosures and Connectors: Making sure plastic parts join together and cross sections meet smoothly, with no flash or burrs, is a Mold Threads specialty. Many of the custom component parts we produce are used in highly sensitive applications where there is no margin for leakage or flow interruption.

Molded Plastic Enclosure and Connectors

Liquid Level Sensing Parts: MTI also offers a selection of high quality stock plastic components for the Liquid Level Sensing and related industries. We have been involved with molded plastic parts for the liquid level industry for over 20 years. This experience led us to offer these parts as stock items at competitive prices to manufacturer's in these industries, saving them the costly multi-cavity production tooling of creating individual parts. Please Contact Us for more information or visit our partner site RubberDuckyFloats for a humorous take on our liquid level sensing plastic component business.

Stock Plastic Parts Liquid Level Sensing

Small Parts: Complicated, often minute parts, require special skill. Mold Threads has successfully produced intricate component parts that other molders had thought unachievable. The result is consistent precision molded plastic parts weighing a fraction of a gram. With our emphasis on accuracy, our parts can be found in such leading edge technology as medical devices, environmental products, and telecommunications equipment.

Small Plastic Injection Molded Parts

Externally Threaded Parts and Threaded Mold Cavities: When it comes to externally threaded parts, it is crucial to achieve size and tolerances. MTI's roots are in developing and molding threads. We have the concentrated knowledge to adjust for plastic shrinkage so that threads align flawlessly, and your product adheres to industry standards. Our experience also extends to the specialized technique of cutting threads into molds for threaded mold cavities. At Mold Threads, we have the in-house skills and equipment you won't find anywhere else.

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